This is what we’re dealing with

This is what we used to have...

This is what we used to have…

Our normally happy, sleepy four month old has turned the corner into a nighttime gremlin!  Or, more accurately, a sleep gremlin.  Anytime she should be sleeping, needs to be sleeping, and even WANTS to be sleeping, she turns into a grumbling little gremlin.

...and this is what we have now.

…and this is what we have now.

Oh, the whines and the grumbles and sad little chokey sobs!  She’s not portable anymore!  She doesn’t nap unless held!  It’s been a solid week (or more?) and it’s driving me nuts.

In desperation this morning, I googled “four month sleep regression” and found this wonderful little blog.  It made me cry in the misery-loves-company kind of way, because it really is that bad.  But somebody gets it!  And I’m not alone!

It is true, Charlotte is practicing new skills every day.  She seems to have found the consonant sound “y” and practices her “ya-yuh-ya-yuh” over and over.  She can grab her rattle and her octopus, and she can roll from front to back.  She’s working on rolling the other way, and wants badly to pass her toys from one hand to the other.  If we can just make it to June 29th, we will be out of this Wonder Weeks phase.  Unfortunately, June 29th is still 18 more stormy night-times away…

P.S.  I am a big fan of the Wonder Weeks theory by Hetty dan de Rijt and Frans Plooj.  If you are a new mom, or a seasoned mom with a baby under the age of two, google this right now.  It will save your sanity!



While teaching my kindergartners this morning, I let a yawn slip out.  They then proceeded to give me parenting/sleep advice that was just too priceless…if only we lived in this five-year-old dream world!

-“Use a pacifier!”  (great suggestion, but I had to explain that her hands can’t put it back in when it falls out 10,000 times)

-“Build a robot with moveable arms that can put the pacifier back in!”

-“Buy a remote control to program the robot from your bedroom, then you won’t have to get out of bed to turn the robot on!”

-“Train your cats to do it!”


2 thoughts on “This is what we’re dealing with

  1. Oh parenting advice from kindergartners. I think you might have a book idea! Hang in there. It is gonna get better 🙂 Glad my post made you feel better!

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