Baxter is two months old!

The time flew between one month and two months!  Baxter has recently found his hand and tries to shove it in his mouth; he’s fascinated by windows and the trees outside; he is starting to play on his playmat; and he and I have some fun little “chats” where he looks at me so earnestly and babbles as if he’s telling a really important story.  He smiles up a storm and is really interested in Charlotte and Nanny’s drawings that I hung near his changing table.

He allllmost started sleeping through the night, going from 8pm-4 or 5am with no wakeups!  Perhaps by next month he’ll be sleeping in his own room…?  Take a peek at his two month photos, which so beautifully illustrate life with a newborn and a toddler!  [click the pictures to enlarge]


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