About Mama ‘Bee and Baby ‘Bee

[The obligatory bump picture.] Mama ‘Bee: short for Mama Follansbee, carrying Little Baby ‘Bee up Tuckermans Ravine


Mama ‘Bee and Charlotte ‘Bee, born February 2013

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.    –Carol Burnett


I love to write because I love putting words together to create a thought, to tell a story.

I love to photograph because I love isolating a moment and capturing it in time.

And I love family, because I love…well, love.

Family right now is myself, my husband Fred, our little Charlotte (referred to often as “Little ‘Bee” or “Charlabee”) and our son Baxter (“Baby ‘Bee”).   Visit here often to find out about the times and travels of the Follansbee Family, as Fred and I learn how to be parents and what it means to be a family.  This is my attempt to document the changes, the emotions, the memories, and the mishaps of a family in the making.

Once these words are printed, they will be here always: here for my reflection, here for my family’s enjoyment (or horror?), and here for my children to someday read and have a different lens into what their childhood was like–whether as teenagers, as young adults, or someday as parents themselves.

I can’t promise it will always be pretty, but it will always be true.




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