Four months

Four months!  Wow!  That means it’s been a full month since I went back to work.  Somewhere between three and four months, Charlotte learned to roll over (gravity serendipitously carried her from tummy to back that first time)…and she hasn’t stopped since.  She’s also developed a delighted scream that is somewhere between a velociraptor and a monkey…and she hasn’t stopped since!  Her own hand is still her favorite toy, and her smiles get bigger every day.

She also made a development that we’ve been eagerly awaiting since day one: she started sleeping through the night after her first sleepover at Nanny and Grampie’s house!  [Sleeping from 7:30pm to 4:30am counts as ‘through the night’, right?!  When you haven’t slept for more than 4 hours at a time in the past 4 months, I’m going to say YES.  IT COUNTS!]


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