Six months old!

Somewhere between five and six months, Charlotte started solidly sleeping through the night.  And I mean SOLID!  She goes to bed between 6:30-7:30, and wakes up between 6:00-7:30am.  She’s gotten so good at her routines that we can put her down a little later than bedtime if we have to, or she can go to sleep at Nanny + Grampie’s and we can pick her up late night after we’ve finished our date night!  She can nap anywhere too: Aunt Julia’s bed, the beach, the park, the stroller, Nanny + Grampie’s bedroom.  She is surely a champion sleeper.

She also has started sitting up on her own, putting the pacifier into her own mouth, and  noticing the cats–in fact, anytime Pippa or Leroy enter the room, Charlotte drops whatever she’s doing (including eating!) to stare at them and occasionally call out to them.

We’re slowly introducing solid foods with a finger-food/self-feeding method at the moment.  She loves brocolli, prunes, and steamed apples!

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the pictures.


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