A first peek at the Baby Bun!

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and got our first up close and personal look at Baby Bun doing his/her thing.  No, we stayed strong and did not find out the gender.  The one person in the world who knows is our ultrasound technician, and possibly Charlotte, because she peeked at the screen when Melanie told us to look away.  Lucky for us, “boy” and “girl” are not yet in Charlotte’s spoken or sign language vocabulary.  So we’ll all have to wait 20 more weeks to find out if it’s a girl or a boy!  But we did see lots of leg kicking, thumb sucking, and rolling around.  It won’t be soon before Charlotte and Dad can feel the kicks from the outside, because they are getting stronger each day!


18 weeks

We’re nearing the halfway point with Baby Bun, and we’re going for our 20 week ultrasound this afternoon! But no, sorry, we won’t be finding out the sex. We love to be surprised! Here are side-by-side shots of the bump with Baby ‘Bee and Baby Bun, both at 18 weeks.  Funnily enough, the shot with Baby ‘Bee was taken on Baby Bun’s expected due date (Sept. 17!)  I feel bigger this time around, but it’s hard to tell with these shots that aren’t at the same angle.  Click the images to enlarge.  And ignore my dorky face in the second photo.