Can you believe this girl?

My little baby girl is no infant these days…I can’t believe all the things she can do, and I love being home with her all summer!  What would I do if all these things happened at daycare and I didn’t get to share them with her?!    Click the thumbnails to enlarge.


“Wild About Auntie”


“wild about auntie”

Baby ‘Bee has a cute little onesie that proclaims she is “Wild About Auntie!”  In truth, she does have some pretty awesome Aunts, and has already had some fun adventures with them.

I still remember some of MY adventures with Aunt Karen as a kid…. shopping for Christmas presents for my parents (I got my Dad a pepper shaker, but no salt), baking cookies, doing taste tests on different colored M&Ms, and going to concerts when it just wasn’t cool to be seen with your parents.  Aunts are great for being there when you just need someone besides your parents.  And Baby ‘Bee will get to grow up with two pretty awesome Aunts…Julia and Nina!


Hiking at Popham Beach with Aunt Julia and Dad


Getting ready for yoga with Aunt Nina