Fine dining

For those of you that haven’t dined with the Follansbee Family lately, I thought I might give you an update on what Charlotte is eating these days.  I wrote a few months ago about how we are foregoing the pureed baby mush step, and are doing the method called Baby Led Weaning (BLW)–basically, baby feeds themselves from the beginning, and they eat anything that we eat–just in a more manageable form.

People ask me all the time “What is Charlotte eating now?”  Well, I’m glad you asked!

Dinnertime is so much fun at our house.  Charlotte sits on our kitchen island in her bumbo seat while we cook, and then all three of us eat the same meal at the same time.  When we go to restaurants, we sometimes feed her off our plate–and have even ordered some side dishes for her.  BLW couldn’t be easier, and I think we are growing a little human who absolutely LOVES food.

Charlotte will try anything, and among her favorites are baked apples, roasted chicken, and fish.  Yes, fish!  Salmon, haddock, tilapia!  You name it, she is a little hoover at our dinner table.  Last night we had grilled cheese and tomato soup, and all three of us licked our plates (er, high chair tray) clean.   By feeding herself, Charlotte can experiment with the temperatures and textures of her food, and decide what tastes she wants to mix together.  Oatmeal and peas?  mmmm!  Kale and frozen strawberries?  mmm!  Turkey meatballs and dried prunes?  MMMM!  haha.  Click on the photos to enlarge.


To all the supermoms out there

[Let me preface this by saying that if you are a mom, I already think you are a supermom.  If you manage to do anything at all besides feeding and clothing your baby, you are a supermom.  If you work and have a baby, you are super.  If you find time for yourself and have a baby, you are super.  It’s hard, and it’s selfless, and it’s tiring.  So maybe I should have titled this post, “To all the super-supermoms out there…”  But I digress.]

There are times when Fred and I look at each other in disbelief, and say “I just don’t know how she does it!”  It sometimes takes all four of our hands to feed/clothe/burp/entertain the baby and still get dinner on the table.  There are days when I think we are so tired, we might drive right off the road on our commute to work.  There are moments when I wish that we had a nanny, or a housekeeper, or anyone at all who could feed the cats/vacuum the living room/pay my bills/write my lesson plans.  And there are two of us adults here in the Follansbee house, and only one baby.

When we say “I just don’t know how she does it”, we are referring to our handful of friends that have twins.  Not one baby, but two.  Two mouths to feed, two butts to diaper, and two sets of tiny little clothes that somehow make up a mountain of laundry (not to mention two sets of bottles to wash, two personalities to stimulate, and two different nap schedules to navigate.  Should I go on?)

These mamas of twins that I know are decidedly not going crazy, nor are they maladjusted hermits that live in a house full of spit up and poopy diapers.  No!  They find time to run and workout!  They create date nights with their husbands!  They work!  They cook actual meals instead of just popping the Trader Joes frozen bag in the oven!  They have people over!  And, above all, they have successfully breastfed TWO babies!

How do they do it?

I’ve gone around and around this in my mind, and I’ve decided that these mamas are just a tad more organized, a lot more patient, and blessed with a lot more energy (and milk) than me.  I have a fabulous husband that does 10,000 different chores without so much as a grimace.  I have the luxury of a summer off from work, and all four grandparents that live within a 10 minute drive.  And still I feel like we’re barely making it sometimes.  If I had to multiply that by two, I’m pretty sure I would be downing glasses of cabernet every night and never return to work.

So, to my supermom friends (and you know who you are), you are my heroes.  You are the people I think of when a little itch of a complaint begins to scratch at the surface; when I don’t feel like pumping at 5am; when I have to fold yet another basket of onesies.  You are the ones I picture when I suddenly find the time to run, but don’t feel like it.  “But she can do it, and she has two babies at home.  I best get my butt out the door.”

Although I know why you do it (those precious little toothless smiles), I do not know how (eating ice cream straight from the freezer? xanax?)  Take it from me, as a mom of just one, I am more than doubly impressed.