Baxter is 11 months old!

I’m actually posting Baxter’s 11 month pictures in a timely fashion!  Gasp!  But that’s because we’re basically all quarantined at home today due to hand-foot-and-mouth disease that is running through our house hold.  Yuck.  High fevers, nasty rashes, no appetites…it started with Charlotte, went to Bax, on to Fred, and I’m ok…so far.

In any case, we have to stay away from other children, so we had plenty of time for photos today!  Between ten and eleven months were a BIG change for Baxter:

  • Still has only two teeth, and weighs in at 16 lbs. 6 oz, or in the 1%.  Tiny peanut!
  • Finally figured out how to crawl on all fours instead of his inchworm/army crawl.  He can crawl over/under/around/inside/outside anything that presents an obstacle!
  • Is slowly starting to cruise on furniture, but really cruises with his push stroller toy.  The boy is fearless.  FEARLESS!  He will push that thing like a bat out of hell, fall, and get up and do it all over again!
  • Babbles more and more, loving to make different tones with his voice, and plenty of yells
  • Grunts a little gremlin grunt and blows raspberries at anyone that will look at him
  • Thinks Charlotte is the funniest person on the planet.  On a recent trip to the beach, she repeatedly threw Dad’s flip flop at his face, and he repeatedly cracked up.
  • Did his first sign!  Signed “more” when eating, and uses it sporadically.
  • Has a definite word/sound for Dad.  “DA!  DAAAA!” he will shout upon seeing Fred.  Still no consistent “mama”.
  • Loves Pippa and gives her lots of hugs
  • Went on his first family camp trip to Sebago Lake for a week with my family.  Baxter loved the water, the beach, crawling around the house, playing with everyone, the food…basically everything except sleeping.  Which he did not do much of.  He preferred to cry his brains out each night, prompting Fred and I to take him home a day early and let everyone else have some peace and quiet!
  • Favorite foods are applesauce, avocado, pasta, watermelon, fish (sometimes), and crackers

Baxter is ten months old!

Highlights from 9-10 months (how did we get another ten month old???  Time moves faster with each month!)

  • Favorite activities include ‘planking’, rolling away from diaper changes, and army crawling like a wounded soldier all around the house–especially to chase Charlotte or Pippa
  • Still has just two bottom teeth
  • Eats huge meals!  Shredded chicken, sweet potatoes, toast with peanut butter or hummus, applesauce, yogurt with raspberries, oatmeal, banana are the current favorites
  • Took his first overnight trip to visit Uncle Ted and Aunt Nina in Michigan: 2 days to get there, a few days at their house, and 2 days to get back.  He was an absolute rock star in the car, hardly fussing and sleeping most of the drive!  While there, he started to try/practice climbing stairs, and he and Charlotte played together for the first time with a bucket of new toys.
  • Distinctly says “Da!’ for Dad, and he used to say “mama” but it has since disappeared.  He also has a particular shriek/scream for Charlotte that I can’t even replicate here!  He is starting to babble more and more each day.
  • Went for his first swim in Sebago Lake.  We put him on a beach towel, he caught sight of the water, and he army crawled it right into it!  He loves splashing, flailing about like a fish, and especially taking baths.
  • Favorite activities include playing in the sandbox (and eating fists of sand), rummaging around in buckets full of toys which he can empty out, throwing things, army-crawling with things in his mouth, and generally eating/tasting/licking anything he can get his hands on

Baxter is 7 months old!

A few days late here because we’re so dang busy!  Baxter is now a rolling, squirming, screeching seven month old!  We had some big changes between six and seven months:

  • Fiiiinnnnally sleeping through the night.  Most nights.
  • Rolls both ways
  • But he is developing a [somewhat annoying] habit of rolling over onto his belly and getting smashed up against the crib bars RIGHT when it’s time to go to sleep.  Ensue screaming until an adult rescues him.
  • Is just about able to sit on his own, toppling over only when he over-zealously reaches for a toy or the cat
  • Loves his solid food: applesauce, bananas, baked apples, oatmeal with green beans, toast with hummus, and kiwi. All feeding himself!
  • Had a visit from Uncle Tom and Anna, and Uncle Teddy and Nina!
  • Mama went away from Baxter for her first night
  • Does more screeching than babbling:  “dah dah!”  “BWAH!”
  • Has the very beginnings of two bottom teeth
  • Loves playing outside: eating grass and leaves, digging around in the sandbox

Baxter is two months old!

The time flew between one month and two months!  Baxter has recently found his hand and tries to shove it in his mouth; he’s fascinated by windows and the trees outside; he is starting to play on his playmat; and he and I have some fun little “chats” where he looks at me so earnestly and babbles as if he’s telling a really important story.  He smiles up a storm and is really interested in Charlotte and Nanny’s drawings that I hung near his changing table.

He allllmost started sleeping through the night, going from 8pm-4 or 5am with no wakeups!  Perhaps by next month he’ll be sleeping in his own room…?  Take a peek at his two month photos, which so beautifully illustrate life with a newborn and a toddler!  [click the pictures to enlarge]

Baxter is one month old!

It doesn’t seem possible that a month has already come and gone.  Our sweet little man passed the one month mark in style with a new set of onesies custom made by Auntie Julia.  Charlotte even snuck in for a few pictures!  The highlights of month number one?

  • Gained two pounds since birth, weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz now.
  • Eats constantly throughout the day
  • Just started sleeping 5-6 hour stretches at night (shhh!  don’t jinx it!)
  • Loves tummy time

Click the pictures to enlarge!