Mama ‘Bee found her flock

I wrote several months ago about my “Boobie Group” mothers group that has absolutely saved my sanity, affirmed my identity as a mother, provided laughs, commiseration, and all-around solidarity.  I would be so lost without this support system.  It has helped me grow the confidence I need to ask questions, search for new strategies when I need them, vent, admit when things are not going well, and celebrate when they are.  Working moms, stay at home moms, single moms, two moms–I’ve never met a more down to earth group of ladies.

On Friday, a (small) fraction of us met up for the annual “Mom in the picture” event at our beloved Birth Roots.  These mamas keep me going!  And just look at all those beautiful kiddos!  xoxo.

boobie group 2015Boobie Group 2015 with toddlers, babies, and other-halfs!  We all met back in the winter of 2013 through a breastfeeding support group and/or our community based parenting support Birth Roots.  Two years later, still growing strong!

Photo credit:  Emilie of Emilie Inc